BeFunky Collage coconut oil

This is my MUST HAVE product for my hair. It is pure unrefined organic virgin coconut oil so almost as pure as you can get. This is important as you get the natural qualities from the oil unlike some coconut oils you find in the shops which have added artificial chemicals.

I found this particular oil on Ebay for £3.99 and it has lasted me months. It is solid at room temp then when it’s in your hands it melts to a liquid oil. As you can in my before photo my hair is wet. I applied the oil to wet hair on one side of my hair and blow dried with a round GHD brush which you can find on my Tools page. I then dried the other side of my hair in exactly the same way. The side without the oil is much frizzier and out of control. This product took me a long while to find and I’m so glad I can share it with you all. My hair has not been frizzy since. I also use it as a face moisteriser before bed

You can buy Nutri-ko Coconut Oil here

Written by PetiteAvenue
Petite Fashion Blogger