Arriving in Gibraltar…


So I had a bit of bad news last year; unfortunately my stepdad passed away so we decided to visit my Nan (his mum) in Spain. She lives in a little village called Casares which is up in the mountains and is part of the Costa Del Sol area. We flew to Gibraltar airport instead of Malaga as it was much cheaper and easier for us to get to Casares. This is the famous Gibraltar Rock; you can have a tour for around £30 which will take you inside the caves and you get to meet all the monkeys that live on the top of the rock #cuteness. Remember is Gibraltar is English so you can use the GBP  there and most people speak English.



From Gibraltar you walk across the border into Spain which is quite a cool experience and you get the bus from La Linea which is a 10 minute walk from Gibraltar Airport. We got the bus to the beautiful sea side resort of Sabanillas which was only a couple of Euros each.


There’s a stunning statue, plenty of places to eat and drink along the sea front and a cute little park on the beach too.



People think it’s hard being a vegetarian when travelling to a foreign country but all you have to do is mention it and they always have a delicious recommendation for you.



The beach goes on for a long stretch and although the sand is slightly darker here and a little bit stony, it’s still a lovely beach that doesn’t get over crowed.


In case you we’re wondering, my bikini is from George at Asda – who would have thought it ay?



The next part of our journey that day was getting the bus from Sabanillas to Estepona which is bit more of a popular tourist destination. Whilst we were at the Estepona bus station we discovered this beautiful lake with a bridge and forest around it. At first I thought this was a strange place to find such a stunning little park but then I remembered that Estepona is the garden of the Costa Del Sol; I even saw some little turtles swimming around.


My mum and stepdad used to take me and my sister to Estepona beach when we were younger as they have a massive park all along the beach front, a BBQ shack, lots of rides in the summer and most importantly the sand man.


Isn’t he great…



The last leg of our journey to my Nan’s was getting the bus from Estepona to Casares; there are only 2 or 3 a day so make sure you check the times.


Here I am sitting on the roof my stepdad built admiring the absolutely stunning views, I decided to colour my hair on this trip and I used a brand called Smart Beauty in the colour Pure Purple. I picked it up in my local Savers store but you can also order it on Amazon in permanent or semi-permanent here. Make sure you mix 3 parts colour and 1 part conditioner.

Day 2 – The Sulphur Springs…

303806_10150769145990623_6161936_nA short drive down the mountains from my Nan’s villa is a hidden little secret that we like to called the Sulphur baths. The water stinks but is so good for your skin as is the mud you scrap from the wall and smother yourself in which is always fun. Now this is a photo of when I last came to visit in 2011 but it looked so magical I had to show you the colour the water can go sometimes.


This day was quite nostalgic for me as I came here as a child but the last time I came was with my stepdad so was nice to revisit and all remember his memory as a family.

There are so many places you can get the bus to from Malaga or Gibraltar Airport included Marbella so try and be as adventurous as you can on your next visit to Spain and if you have any questions or want any advice just drop me a message as its one of my favorite places in the world 🙂

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