Three eyes are on me


Where I live I am lucky enough to be surrounded by art. People may think graffiti is vandalism but there are so many talented artists out there; why shouldn’t they express themselves on the walls of our towns? I think it is beautiful and it inspired my current purchase.


A hand drawn crop top from Asos, which also comes with matching leggings if you wish. I thought it was a bit too much to wear both at once so just opted for the top; it has a pretty powerful message and is really quirky.

You can tell the designs and pictures on the top are hand drawn which makes it more authentic. The trousers are from a small boutique shop in Italy so unfortunately you can’t have the exact same pair, but you can buy a similar pair here for a great price.

Jokes On You

This style of flared/baggy cropped trousers is everywhere at the moment as they are super comfy. The great thing is they go with trainers or heels; whatever you are feeling that day.

If you want more information about the Graffiti artists Trans1 and Nizer follow my Instagram where they are tagged in this blog post.

Outfit: Hand Drawn Bralet/Crop Top – ASOS. Cropped Trousers – Boutique in Italy. Sunglasses – Topshop. Adidas Trainers – JD Sports. Pink T-Bar Heels – Next.

Written by PetiteAvenue
Petite Fashion Blogger