Sand Sculpture San Antonio Bay

So guys this is a very special post to me about an amazing Island I have visited multiple times. I have just got back from my holiday there and I wanted to share with you how amazing this island is. Some of the photos were from a few years ago as I wanted to combine all of my visits into one post so please do excuse the quality of some photos; this was a time before my lovely Nikon. Everyone knows I’m not one for travelling to the same spot twice, but Ibiza is different and here’s why.

The first time I ever came to Ibiza was when I was only 16 on a family holiday. We stayed on the side of the island called Playa D’en Bossa which is home to the famous Bora Bora Beach and Water Park.

Planes flying over Bora Bora Beach in Play Den Bossa


All day and all night beach parties have been happening here since before I was born and obviously they have changed over the years from when they were more hippy-ish but they still have the same fun filled atmosphere. It is a bit more expensive to stay on this side of the island as it is home to the famous night club Space and the new outdoor venue Ushuaia.

Ushiaia Dance Venue and Hotel Playa Den Bossa

My older sister took me to Amnesia for the first time when I was sixteen and it was such an experience. I was slightly scared being so young as I got blasted with cold ice smoke from the walls and nearly choked on my first Malibu shot. Regardless, I remember the music and bass system being amazing and definitely a memorable first raving experience for me; it is now my favourite club in Ibiza.

Amnesia Nightclub Ibiza

A few years later I went on my first girls holiday at 22 but I stayed at the other side of the island in San Antonio right by the famous ‘Strip’ and the Egg statue. The strip has lots of cheap bars and small clubs and there is a beautiful port where you can get a boat to numerous beaches of Ibiza and San Antonio has two clubs itself; Es Paradis and Eden.

The Sunset by Cafe Mambo

I have been to Ibiza another five times since then and I always stay in San Antonio as not only is it cheaper, but it has the thing I love most of all about Ibiza; the sunset strip.

Sunset Strip outside Cafe mambo – San Antonio

Fire Jugglers Sunset Strip by Cafe Mambo

Just look at it, it makes me emotional every time I watch it go down and it’s something I will never get bored of. As you can see everyone gathers together on the rocks and watches together, listening to the chill-out sounds from the famous Cafe Mambo. Once the sun has set everyone claps and cheers, the music livens up and there are even acts on the beach such as fire-breathers.

One of the best things about Cafe Mambo too is that the Dj’s who are out there playing in the big clubs often do a warm up set here for FREE. I have seen Swedish House Mafia, Judge Jules and MK here

Pre-Party Dj Sets at Cafe Mambo

Cafe Mambo Sunset Strip

There are a number of things you can do whilst watching the sunset including parasailing, drinking by the bar or eating in one of the many restaurants. I must say that parasailing with my best friends whilst watching the sunset was definitely a memorable experience. 1924130_235032145622_4167164_n

Parasailing from the Port of San Antonio

My personal favourite restaurant along the sunset strip is called Kanya; a five minute walk around the rocks from Mambo. It is slightly quieter, gives you a perfect view of the sunset and you eat around the edge of a pool which is very relaxing. The food is great tasting and reasonably priced and the music they play is great.

Having visited the island seven times I have obviously stayed in my fair share of hotels. In Playa D’en Bossa the hotels are a bit more up market with a guaranteed pool but are a tad more expensive, whereas San Antonio’s nicer hotels are by the bay. If you are looking for somewhere cheap just to rest your head after a long night then San Antonio has a huge number of nice hostels, some with pools and some without. You do get a lot for your money and some of them will even cater for 6 of you in one apartment. My recent stay was in Hostal Mari which had free WiFi and air-con. The staff were friendly and they even let us have a shower after we had checked out. Don’t be put off by the word hostel they are nothing like the hostels you normally find back packing they are just like smaller hotels. My personal favourite is Central Park apartments which is right by the Egg.

The Egg of Columbus San Antonio Port

The Egg is a monument to represent the discovery of America by Columbus in the shape of an egg in San Antonio. The pool is on the roof and you can request a sea view. It is also right in the hustle and bustle but quiet enough to get some sleep. If you want somewhere livelier stay in Ibiza Rocks Hotel; you get free entry to the concerts going on in the evening and there are pool parties during the day.

A lot of people think Ibiza is just for partying but there are so many parts of the Island to visit. Ibiza town is a lovely area to visit which also has it’s own beach and is easy to reach by bus from the San Antonio bus station. This bus station also takes you to all of the big clubs in Ibiza for just a few euros which is another reason why we stay in San Antonio. One of my favourite beaches is Cala Gracio Beach which is nice and tranquil with a lovely little cafe; even if a seagull does steal your omelette.

Cala Gracio Beach

Hawaii beach is another one of my favourite beaches and it is just a short bus journey from the San Antonio Port.

Taking the boat From San Antonio Port to other beaches on the Island

Hawaii Beach San Antonio Bay

Hawaii beach is just outside the Hawaii hotel in San Antonio Bay, has a cute little cafe and shops and you can easily walk back round to San Antonio central from here.


Walking along San Antonio Beach

The Beach in San Antonio is just next to the port but the sand is not very nice at all as it is quite hard. The beach itself is very lively as it is just outside the Ibiza Rocks Bar but the sea is not very clear and is a little dirty.

Ocean mania – ocean Beach Club Inflatable Course

As you walk back round you will see the Ocean Beach Club which is owned by Tony Truman and hosts all day pool parties such as Kisstory and Ministry of Sound. It can be a bit expensive especially if you hire a bed for the day, but it’s an excuse to dress up in your nicest swimsuit and it also has it’s own inflatables outside on the sea. These are so much fun and are very cheap to go on; a great way to cool off and break up your day of sunbathing.

San Antonio and Playa D’en Bossa both have their weekly markets which are sometimes themed and in Bora Bora sometimes you will see a carnival gracing the streets with amazing costumes and dancers on stilts or drag artists. There really is an endless amount of things to do on the island of Ibiza and no matter who is travelling; families, couples, groups of friends or solo, there is something for everyone. Just message me if you are thinking of going and I am sure to have a recommendation for you. Enjoy


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