As part of our trip to Vegas we drove from the Vegas strip to the Grand Canyon which took around 4 hours and was roughly 270 miles. It was quite a long journey but the view when we arrived was so worth it. I have never seen anything so incredible in my life.


The Grand canyon is in Arizona, America and is one of the seven wonders of the world. Not even Geologists are 100% sure about how the Canyon was formed but erosion from the Colorado River is what seems to have had the most impact. You can read more about the geology of the Canyon here


For a real sky-walk experience you can book tickets for the viewing platform which allows you to walk directly into and above the Canyon. I personally had images of the platform toppling in so I chose not to do that but if risk taking is your thing you can find out more about the sky walk here



If you suffer from Vertigo I wouldn’t recommend going to close to the edge as it is extremely high; you can however get a helicopter ride into the Canyon for a cost and it takes you further down into the depths of the rocks.


10,500 years ago, the first evidence of human presence in the area was found. Native Americans have inhabited the Canyon area and the National Park for at least the last 4,000 of those years. You will see evidence of this in the form of Tipis and huts built by them at the top of the rocks.


There is also a cafe and some restrooms around the the tourist area of the Canyon as remember it is in the Arizonian desert so you will need a drink. Especially if you decide to start swinging around like an overexcited child (me 24/7)


Just look at that view…


The fear of being up so high was quite exhilarating; I think I got a bit too over confident at times though and scared a few tourists by hanging off the edge..whoops.


Being in the surroundings of one of the seven wonders of the world was an amazing experience and one I would definitely recommend.

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