So ever since I was little I have always loved mermaids; I still spend half my bath time under the water in the bubbles pretending I live under the sea #waterbaby. Since my girls holiday to Ibiza this year which you can read about in my travel section, my love for these scaley creatures has only grown stronger and I have now decided that life is more fun as a mermaid. Thanks to shops now being covered in mermaid goodies it is now easier for me to find beautiful products to add to my collection. It was my birthday a few weeks ago and all my close friends and family planned a surprise party for me with an underwater fancy dress theme which was amazing; so I knew I had to step up my game with my outfit. I went all out with a gold sequin fishtail dress from ASOS. It was actually from the tall section but they went down to a size 4 so even though I couldn’t breath or walk properly due to the long length, I felt fabulous. You can buy the dress hereimageimage3xxl

Unfortunately for my bank balance when I was choosing my birthday outfit I happened to stumble across some more mermaid style clothes (accidentally of course). So I wanted to share them with my lovely readers and fellow mermaids. This particular mesh t-shirt dress is one of my favourites as it just has a hint of scales on the shoulders so as its mostly plain it will go with a lot. Mesh dresses are everywhere at the moment and look great with bikinis, crop tops or shorts underneath. This is from A brand called The Ragged Priest and they sell their range on ASOS. You can view and buy it here




The bikini underneath is from my favourite bikini brand Jaded London. If you have read the rest of my blog you will notice I have a lot of love for their bikinis as they do a lot of high waisted sets and they are so unique. This glitter bikini appealed to me as it’s slightly two tone and had a very underwater feel to it. You can buy it here

Whilst browsing through bikinis online I of course noticed another beautiful swimwear set but it was only the top that appealed to me. The iridescent colours are beautiful and really catch the light. This bikini top from Boohoo can be worn as a normal crop top as well as a bikini top. You can buy it here


This pretty pink clutch bag is amazing and the glitter is built into the material so won’t fall off. You could always use it as a make up bag too and it has a really cool slogan. The bag is from ASOS and has a little starfish on the zip. You can buy it here


Now I know mermaids have a tail and no feet but even Ariel needed shoes at the end of the film and what better sandals to choose than these sliders. They couldn’t be more perfect for mermaid footwear and I love The White Brand as their footwear is always so different to what you would normally find in the shops. You can buy them here

Or if you’re more of a heels girl these gold scaled shoes from Boohoo glisten amazingly in the sunlight and give your feet a gorgeous arch. They wrap around the ankle too so are extra secure and they also come in silver. They are two tone so you will see lots of mermaid colours in them. You can buy them here



This oversize hat sums me up perfectly; I get a lot of funny looks for experimenting with my hair but I don’t mind because I like to have a bit of colour in my life (and my hair). The hat is very large so be careful if a gust of wind comes along, but it will also protect your scalp from the sun and is great for holidays and beach wear. I only wear hats every now and again but when I do I like them to be statement pieces. This hat is from ASOS and you can buy it here


The dress I am wearing with this beautiful hat is from Boohoo and is probably the comfiest thing I have ever bought. The material is so soft, you can tie it as tight as you want around the neck and it’s not too tight like some body-con dresses. The seashells are in a bit of a naughty place but hey we all have them 😉 This was an absolute bargain and they do it in grey, white or black.  You can buy it here

Now the nights are getting chillier I needed a new long sleeve jumper so this grey cut off mermaid academy jumper from Daisy Street was perfect. It is one of the softest jumpers I have ever worn as the lining is really fluffy and the sleeves are nice and long to give a preppy look. It is slightly baggy at the bottom so I like to tie it in a little knot at the back, or you can just wear it loose with a pair of joggers to slouch around in. You can buy it here


The bag I am holding in this photo is an absolutely stunning pink giant glittery sea shell which fits in so much more than you would think. It is from the brand Skinny Dip who also make accessories for Topshop. What better accessory to carry around than a giant shell and as you can see when it hits the light it glistens so nicely. You can buy it here.



Another accessory everyone needs is a phone case and as soon as I saw this one I had to have it. I have only just got an Iphone (hard to believe) and this case fits the 6 perfectly. It hasn’t faded or rubbed off at all so you can tell it’s high quality. It’s from Daisy Street which is another one of my top favourite brands. They have their own website but also sell through ASOS. You can buy the same case here


Speaking of Daisy Street (who also make fabulous clothing) this cute grey cut off sweatshirt is so super soft on the inside and super geek chic on the outside. The sleeves are made slightly longer for a preppy edge and it’s perfect to slouch around in too with some joggers. You can buy it online from Daisy Street or via ASOS here.

This white glittery leotard from Jaded with scales is one of my ultimate favourite mermaid purchases as the scales are beautifully decorated with tiny white sequins. The backless design makes it hard to wear a bra so I bought a stick on bra from Primark; they are a must for if you wear backless clothes a lot like moi. Jaded have recently been selling products in Topshop so you can now buy it here.dsc_0520

This incredible midi length sequin skirt is from ASOS and almost feels like half a mermaid tail. It’s full of silver hologram sequins and can be dressed up with a cute pair of silver heels. You can buy it here


The trainers I am wearing are Silver Reebok Classics which is the same brand I used to wear when I was 12. They are the most comfortable trainers I have ever worn as they have a super soft lining and are nice and wide fit. I’m so glad they have come back into fashion and you can buy them here



I’m not really a Michael Kors handbag type of person so I have a LOT of backpacks. So as soon as I saw this mermaid glittery style backpack in Topshop I fell in love and let’s be honest you can never have too many back packs. You can find this particular metallic two tone bag here.



The colour I have in my hair is blue hair chalk from Amazon which you can buy here and I just rubbed it into the ends as it can make your hair a bit dry. For true mermaid hair it’s best to use a brand called Directions which is a semi-permanent colour, mixed with conditioner which will lead your hair to have a fuller softer colour as seen here.

The dungarees I am wearing in these photos are from New Look and are a perfect fit as they are stretch denim. You can buy a similar pair here.


Now onto my super bargain magical t-shirt. When I saw this in Primark I was so excited as I love love love changeable clothes that can be worn more than one way. One day I can be a mermaid, one day I can be a unicorn and one day I could even be a unimaid; hours of fun in one t-shirt.


Unfortunately you cannot buy Primark products online only in your nearest store.


I hope you enjoyed reading this post and it has inspired you release your inner mermaid too. There are more images of the outfits shown on my Lookbook page http://lookbook.nu/thepetiteavenue and on my Instagram @thepetiteavenue 🙂



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