Sorry it’s been a little while since my last post but since Christmas it has been a bit mental. I completed my Bridal Makeup Course and have been practicing non stop since. This look however has nothing to do with bridal makeup but I just had to share it as the effect and the finish of this product is to die for and I was really proud of how it came out.

So this is my beautiful client Sarah who wanted a glam look with a smokey eye but with silver tones. I had a look around and there just weren’t any eye-shadows that were doing it for me. Until I stumbled accross a YouTube video of this product and it really caught my eye. It is the Makeup Revolution Awesome Eye Foil in Pure Platinum which you can buy online here. Makeup Revolution who are really stepping up their game lately and they have definitely made a winner in this eye-shadow; which may I add also comes in Rose gold. 

So everything you need comes in the box and how it works is really simple. You scrape a bit of the silver metallic eyeshadow (which has a gel consistency) onto the metal mixing plate and squeeze a few drops of the liquid onto it. You mix it together until you get the right texture you want and then apply it to the eye either using a brush or your finger. Always pat it on don’t swipe as it won’t be as neat or as opaque.

This was before I had done her eyebrows but as you can the finish is incredible and really reflects in the light. The brightness of the silver on this part of the eyelid really makes the eyes pop and look more awake.

Before I applied the silver foil colour to the inner and middle of the eyelid I used a primer to prep the eye which I set with a loose powder. I then used a bone colour from my Soap and Glory Tricks of the Shade palette followed by a grey shimmer colour called Street Style from my Cargo Cosmetics Shanghai Nights palette on the crease line and accross most of the lid. Lastly I used a black shadow from my M & S palette to give that smokey eye effect and to line under the lower lashes.

I primed Sarah’s face with Smashbox Photo Finish clear oil free primer and used Revlon Colourstay foundation in the shade Early Tan. This foundation has no SPF or silica so produces no flashback when using flash photography. I used the blusher from my Soap and Glory Tricks of the Shade set and Sleek’s tingling lip crayon in Notorious Nude.

For the brows I used my favourite pomade which is by Freedom in the colour Dark Brown. I used my benefit brow brush to lightly shape her already lovely eyebrows and then used a concealer to define them underneath.

With all make-up it is very important if you are going out to test your products with flash photography first before you go out so as not to get any nasty surprises later on.

Having the hair back and off the face will always enhance your make-up just that little bit more as you can see the full picture but if you choose to wear your hair down try not to have it touching your face too much as it can rub off your make-up throughout the night.

The great thing about silver is that it makes any eye colour pop so as you can see Sarah’s eye’s are really emphasized in these photos and contrast nicely to the silver above the eye.

As you can see I have used a subtle silvery style highlighter on the cheeks, cupids bow and the brow bone just to compliment the colours and pick up her beautiful cheekbones.

Overall Sarah and I were so pleased with this look and would definitely recommend it for a night out if you want to add that extra bit of sparkle and glamour to your look.

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Written by PetiteAvenue
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