OK so don’t judge me but I have never bought anything from PrettyLittleThing.com before so I thought; well I run a fashion blog so I really should. I always see the adverts when I’m watching MTV and they are a very similar style to Boohoo to be honest. However; this one dress really stood out for me as I LOVE a high neck and I love anything mesh.


It did take me a while to find this dress on there so the search process could be a bit easier but eventually I found it. Obviously it is a bit revealing for the winter and is more of a festival outfit but I have most of my festival tickets already so for me the preparation starts now 🙂

The only thing that annoys me about these kind of dresses is that the labels are always white. Note to the makers; if you are making a black see-through dress, please make the label black too. Obviously I can cut it out but it still leaves a little bit of white showing…grrr!

For a festival dress this is very comfortable and stretchy but also very thin so take a jacket for if it’s gets chilly in the eve (yes I sound like your mum lol)

You can buy the dress yourself here 


Written by PetiteAvenue
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