So Festival season is finally here and what better way to celebrate than a massive shop right? You want to make sure you get your outfit right so always check the weather before you go and don’t let the rain put you off; especially with the wide range of gorgeous macs and raincoats out there.

The first one that caught my eye was this metallic rain coat from Topshop. It’s a super thick material so will keep your outfit protected and also shines beautifully in the light. You will definitely stand out in this and with some metallic face paint to match you will look super cute. (For festival make up see my Make Up page)



The next item that caught my eye is from Monsoon and is this sequined bumbag. It is from the children’s section so you will need a tiny waist but it looks so pretty with any outfit. A bum bag is a festival essential; don;t be one of those who knocks everyone out with a massive rucksack; keep everything close to your body.

Now everyone knows I am a mermaid so obviously I can’t resist when it comes to bodysuits like these. I love to paint mermaid scales on my face in the summer so these sequined scaled bodysuits are perfect for me; and any other mermaids out there. This one is from Pretty Little Thing but it does have a thong fit at the back so only for the daring.

This leather tassle belt is probably my favourite buy of the year so far. As you can see I am having so much fun in it; just be careful when walking up stairs as you will tread on it by accident. It will pretty much go over anything so is also great for holidays over a bikini or black shorts and crop top

When it comes to summer I am like a magpie; I love anything shiny and metallic so these skirts really caught my eye. This silver skirt has a zip front and is from Pretty Little thing.


The holographic top is super thin so perfect for dancing the day and night away. It ties up as tight as you need it too and goes perfectly with anything grey/silver.



This gold metallic skirt is by Rare London and fits absolutely perfectly. However if you are planning on going on your mates shoulders like I do I wouldn’t recommend it as it is a snug fit. I love the way it curves down at the back and the front as it gives you a really nice shape.


Surprise surprise I chose another mermaid bralet to go with it; this one however is made of metal which is quite heavy and can be chilly against your skin. I wear clear or skin colour stick on boobs underneath to protect from any injury and to keep my dignity in tact hahaa. It may be a pain to get on and does move about a bit but I feel like a mermaid in it so it’s worth it.


Last but not least in my festival line up is this knitted multi-coloured maxi dress


Although it looks thick: because it’s full of holes it is actually very airy and light to wear. You can wear whatever you like underneath and you will still see it in photos. As you can see you can wear whatever you like…


Written by PetiteAvenue
Petite Fashion Blogger