Christmas; the time of year we have no money but still have to find some from somewhere to buy ourselves a new outfit for the Christmas Party.

This is where Femme Luxe comes in – they are super affordable yet unique.

Let’s start with the Grey Glitter Cross Back Bodycon Mini Dress – Karen

So my body type is very different to the models on the websites; I don’t have large boobs and I’m only 5’2 so it’s good for me to show you what these dresses look like on other body types. In my case, petite body types 🙂

It has the cutest little sweetheart neckline at the front which really accentuates your boobies, and even if you only have small ones; once you have your stick on bra in place it will still give you a great shape.

This dress is a steal at only £9.99 and It is adjustable at the back so you can tighten it to fit your body shape. It has a slight hip shape to the bottom so is perfect for the hour glass figure. If you’re daring and comfortable you can wear it with no bra, but if like me you’re not a fan of the nip on show then just wear a stick on bra or stick on nipple covers. They actually do them in a lot of shops for quite cheap and are always useful to have with backless dresses.

It’s not too short and I probably could have ordered it in the 6 but I didn’t want it to be too tight so this one I ordered in a size 8.

The next dress perfect for your Christmas meal if you want an LBD. It is the Black Front Pleat Strapless Mini Dress- Cora.

Because the dress has ruffled material at the front and around the chest area it doesn’t matter if you have smaller boobs like mine. I also don’t have big hips and bum like the models on the website but the ruffles give me a bit of shape.

It’s also not too short – this size is a size 6 and just about fits so I would say it comes up not too tight and I needed a strapless bra to keep it up.

A lot of people don’t like to wear black because they want a bit of sparkle but this has a cute little sash on the side which makes it unique and you could always add a pair of sparkly heels and clutch bag to go with it.

Again at only £9.99 this dress is an absolute bargain so you don’t need to spend lots to look classy.

Last but not least is the Stone Milkmaid Bardot Bodycon Mini Dress – Jett

Now I know you may be thinking it doesn’t seem like your initial choice for a Christmas dress – but team it with some gold jewelry, gold sparkly handbag and heels and it looks beautiful.


This dress is the shortest and tightest of the 3 – I ordered it in a size 6 because otherwise the top half would have been too baggy. You can adjust the top by tightening the bow at the front. I would suggest wearing a strapless bra with this so the boob parts don’t sag down.

Also this dress is so versatile as you can wear it to a festival with chunky trainers or boots. On the other hand it can be dressed up for a night out with heels. And for a third option it’s so cute and such a nice pastel colour that you can wear it on holiday with chunky sandals during the day or evening.

It’s so cute and girly, and most of my friends know how much of a Tom boy I am at times so it’s nice to be girly once in a while

So head on over to Femme Luxe now and check out their discounts of the Christmas Party Dresses collection

Written by PetiteAvenue
Petite Fashion Blogger