Hi everyone and welcome back to Petite Avenue. I now have a Youtube channel so please click here to see what I’ve been up to during quarantine and how you can use the time wisely to make things at home.

So lets talk about a few items of the new clothes from Femme Luxe. I am an ambassador for this brand and especially love their new T-shirt Collection. They have a wide range of T-shirts at the moment with different slogans to choose from in different colours. They are all empowering messages too and can be worn with pride by guys or girls.

I chose this T-shirt which says ‘No Bad Vibes’ as I like to promote positivity online. It’s especially important to keep the good vibes up at this time in life as we are currently in lockdown as I’m writing this so wearing this reminds me to stay positive.

I instantly knew when it arrived that it would go perfectly with this ruffle skirt and boots to create a boho/festival inspired look.

As you can see the T-shirts are plain at the back so you could always knot them at the back if you wanted more a tight fit look to change the mood.

The good thing about these T-shirts is that they are long enough to wear with leggings and versatile enough to go with so many different styles of outfit. As you can see I have teamed this T-shirt with jeans and heels by tying it into a cute little knot at the front. To buy this T-shirt click here!

Ok moving on to my next favourite item we have this beautiful Pink Glittery clear strap wrap over dress.

I don’t tend to wear body-con dresses too much as I get bloated sometimes after I eat but this dress ruffles in all the right places so it doesn’t matter if I do have a meal before a night out. It does up at the back with a zip and is not see-through at all. Would also look great with pink/clear perspex heels

The straps are clear and they are also adjustable which is great so you can wear a strapless bra with it. I got this in a size 6 which fit just fine for me and I am 5’2. It also comes in silver but it’s limited stock atm as it’s so popular. In the mean time you can view all Femme Luxe Pink Dresses here

Last on my list of beautiful Femme Luxe items for today is this White Polka Dot Mesh Top Minidress-Mariana.

This dress is mesh at the top and silky at the bottom and also available in black. Because the top half is see-through I chose to take photos wearing a bra underneath but if you look at the dress on the website the model is wearing nipple covers so you could wear these instead if you’re confident.

I would also suggest wearing white underwear as also the material feels high quality and nice and silky, it’s also slightly see through on the bottom. I really enjoyed wearing this dress and it’s great for if you have a 32 bust. You can buy this dress by clicking here and make sure you check out Femme Luxe’s website regularly as they have new offers on each day. See you soon

Written by PetiteAvenue
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