Hey beautifuls hope you are doing OK in Lockdown and keeping safe. Sooo we have some new pretty stuff to show you from Femme Luxe this month. Starting off with the cosy pieces.

First up we have this amazing Rose Short Sleeve Boxy Loungewear Set – Lacy which is a cropped trousers and t-shirt combination.

The smallest size is an 8/10 S/M and my model is a size 6 so it’s not skin tight but a nice fit with some room to move which is what you want from loungewear. Comes in a wide range of other colours so check them out here

As you can see this set can be paired with trainers for a relaxed look or with a pair of heels for a more dressy style. the t-shirt can be mix and matched with jeans or a skirt and the trousers can be worn with a vest or crop top.

The top can also be tied into a knot at the front or back or simply tucked under to make it a bit more cropped if you wish 😉 #supercute

Femme Luxe are becoming well known for their comfy loungewear sets and the variety of different types of sets on offer. They all have different fits and styles so head on over to have a look at the sets here.

Next up in our comfy section we have this unbelievably soft Cream Oversized Sherpa Jumper in a size 6.

The sizes for this jumper start in a size 4 if you want a slightly more snug fit but the arms will still be nice and oversized and you will have room to be cosy and wear something underneath if you require.

It only comes in this colour but it’s such a nice colour and goes with a lot of other items of clothing. You could wear this with tights and boots in the winter, or just wear it on it’s own snuggling up on the sofa watching TV.

It’s got a lovely high neck which stays up without being a roll neck which is what I love about it. I love anything high neck and it makes it look so stylish and unique. I like the fact it covers your bum too so it’s like a dress.

You could also wear it with a little belt if you got it in a size bigger than you are. Femme Luxe do a wide range of oversize jumpers, check them out here

Onto the last piece in my collaboration; something a bit different I ordered from Femme Luxe this month was the Black PU High Neck Minidress – Alice

Its a nice mesh material at the top which is see through and then the rest is a shiny black pvc type look. I feel like this dress not only goes perfect with heels and a little jacket as you can see, but it would also be perfect with DM style boots for a more rock-chick look.

The only thing I would change about the dress is that it was a bit baggy at the bottom for me but some people may prefer that. At least there’s lot’s of room for when you walk and it’s not skin tight 🙂

This one is a size 6 so the arms are nice and fitted and it does up by zip at the back. The neck is a little bit looser than a normal high neck but it’s good for people who like a less restricting neckline.

So thanks for reading guys and Femme Luxe have always got some kind of generous discount on their website every day just for you so head on over there and grab some bargains. Any questions about any of the products please follow me on Instagram @thepetiteavenue and see my YouTube channel for a big Femme Luxe Haul coming soon. Love you byeee x

Written by PetiteAvenue
Petite Fashion Blogger