So today we have a special item today from Femme Luxe; this Unisex Co-Ord set. It was only available in a M/L so I asked my partner and niece to model it for me as unfortunately it was too big for me.

He is 6 foot 1 and of slim build and it was still a bit baggy for him on the leg so I’d say if you like a tighter fit and you’re a 10-12 I’d maybe get the S/M, unless you want it to be baggy. I think the M/L fits a 12-14 perfectly

So this matching shorts and sleeveless hoody set is listed on the website as Charcoal Oversized Hoodie Shorts Loungewear Set – Ariyah 17.99. They both said it feels nice and soft and comfortable but James said he would like it a bit tighter around the legs.

I’d say it was more of a brown colour than charcoal; the photo above is taken with flash and the photo below is taken without flash but the photo below is most true to the garments colour.

The strings at the front of the shorts are not just for show and they actually can be used to tighten or loosen the shorts.

They actually both look amazing in it – the world should be more unisex tbh

I like the ribbed detail on the black areas and it looks good with the top done up or undone. I personally prefer it undone for a more casual look.

The top and bottoms both have pockets so lots of storage space for your phone etc. I also like the hood in case it get chilly in the evenings.

As you can see the shorts look good on their own with a t-shirt or bodysuit

It’s so good that Femme Luxe have a unisex item for people and more websites should do them

You can buy this set for yourself here it comes in a range of sizes.

Written by PetiteAvenue
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