Hi everyone – I’m back with more honest reviews of new Femme Luxe Items. The first being this Black Faux Leather Corset Crop Top – Marie size 6 £ 16.99

As you can see it has a little dip in the middle to show a nice bit of cleavage and can we worn with a strapless bra. The material is also thick enough to not wear a bra if you prefer but I needed to wear one to keep it up a bit as it tends to slip down a bit.

Looks so cute with a ruffle skirt and makes it look like a dress rather than a separate top and skirt. In fact if you tuck it into any skirt you could make it look part of a dress.

I took a photo outside so you can see what the material looks like in natural lighting too. It’s shiny material really reflects the sun and stands out. Mind the magpies lol.

This top is not real leather; I try not to buy leather being vegetarian

Ruffle skirt is from Ebay the link to buy it is here and the vinyl skirt to match the top is from Misguided but it’s out of stock so I’ll just link to a similar one on their website here

To find out more about Femme Luxe Items and what the sizing is like please see my Youtube channel for a Femme Luxe haul.

Written by PetiteAvenue
Petite Fashion Blogger