Hey guys – today we are looking at the pattern of Tie Dye and how it has come back with a bang in 2020. Obviously people have been using the tie dye technique for years and I remember staining t-shirts as a kid

So first on our list is the Lilac Tie Dye Oversized T-Shirt – Veda which we ordered in an L (10/12). I’m a size 6-8 and my niece is a 12-14 depending on the shop. We wanted to show how these items looked on both sizes.

Now I’m only 5’2 so as you can see this Oversized T-shirt is like a dress on me. I would buy this is an M/ 8-10 as I would want it baggy but not this baggy. I think this would look better on me with a belt and some boots.

On the Femme Luxe website there are two images of the t-shirt. One is mainly purple and one is mainly white. The one you will receive is predominantly more of the white colour than the lilac so they shouldn’t really have the vivid purple photo on the site; but all tie dye t-shirts are dyed differently.

The t-shirt fits Boh really well and everyone says the style suits her. It looks good in a knot at the front or back and would also look nice tucked in to a little skirt or left baggy with some cycling shorts.

This t-shirts retails at 8.99 and you can find it on the website here.

Next on the list is the Orange Tie Dye Padded Shoulder Sleeveless T-Shirt – Seema . This retails at 11.99 and comes in a pink and orange style which both look quite similar to be honest.

I ordered this in the smallest size which is an xs/6-8. This is not oversize but is not tight on me either. It’s a funny length it doesn’t cover the bum and it’s not cropped so I tied it in a knot instead but would look better tucked into some denim shorts for holiday.

This top has shoulder pads built in which makes it unique but you could always cut them out if you like. It’s a normal t-shirt but the sleeves have been cut so they are like half t-shirt sleeves. The top is made of nice and thin material for summer.

I would say it’s a nice fit for me as I like a bit of room but the shoulders look too wide for my frame so I would probably remove the shoulder pads.

We both love the bright colours in the design and each top is unique. The top was a bit small for Boh as it’s not in her size but she would probably order it in M/10-12.

You can browse all of Femme Luxe’s tie dye fashion items by clicking here 🙂

Written by PetiteAvenue
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