Hi Guys – so we are back with some bangers this month from Femme Luxe starting with this ‘Basic’ White Tee. This is on the website as White ‘Basic’ Short Sleeve Slogan T-Shirt – Ashton

Now if you look on the website the t-shirt looks more cropped and with a higher neck but you will get more of a t-shirt fit than what is shown online.

As you can see from the photo above that it just about covers my bum but I think the fit is a bit too tight at the bottom I like a bit more room with this length of t-shirt.

I got it in a s/m which says it fits an 8/10 but It’s quite baggy on me so I prefer to tie it in a knot at the front or back – and it would be tight on a 10

This retails at 5.99 and who cares if sometimes we want to be a bit of a basic boss anyway – we can’t be extra all the time am I right? Femme Luxe has a wide range of Slogan T-shirts and you can browse them all here.

OK so the next Item I wanna share with you guys is the Black Ribbed Crop Top Straight Leg Loungewear Set – Aniston

I got this in an XS 6/8 but I think it would be too small for an 8 as I’m a 6 and the ankle holes were so small I had to really squeeze my legs into them. The circumference of the legs at the bottom is a bit tight but once I had them on it was fine.

As you can see above the material is ribbed and the neck is nice and high on the top which I love and you don’t normally get this kind of neck in a loungewear set to be honest so it makes it a bit different & good for winter

There’s plenty of material on them so they are too long for me. I’m only 5’2 but the trousers would be perfect length for someone say 5’5 or taller. I absolutely love the baggy sleeves as you can see above; they look so cute and are super comfy.

This set is unfortunately see-through on the trousers especially the bum area you could see my underwear. This may be because the material doesn’t stretch as much as it should do – it doesn’t have a lot of give to it I’m afraid. I think you would need to wear black shorts under this unless you mind flashing the world as I am doing below lol.

This retails at 18.99. You can view the rest of the Femme Luxe Loungewear sets here.

Written by PetiteAvenue
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