Hi guys Just a little post today about the Black Tie Front Organza Mesh Sleeve Crop Top – Dash from Femme Luxe..a statement piece which can be worn for a special occasion.

This top as you can see would look great with some high waist jeans and also with some wet look leggings.

It ties up at the front but you could also tie it at the back too if you wanted. This top is in a size 14 and the model is a 12-14 so it fits her perfectly. It’s available in sizes 6-14 so quite a wide range of sizes.

It’s just a shame they don’t do sizes above a 14 – I think all fashion retailers should have a wider size range eg 4-22 for example.

This particular Black Tie Front Organza Mesh Sleeve top comes in black and white and is 16.99. Femme Luxe do a selection of wrap around tops in so many different colours as you can see here.

Why not finish off the look with a cute pair of heels from their big selection

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Written by PetiteAvenue
Petite Fashion Blogger