Hi beautiful people welcome back to my blog and thanks again for visiting! Today I am reviewing the Wine Loungewear Tracksuit Set – Maria from Femme Luxe. This particular set I ordered in a S/M which is best for an 8-10. I am a size 6 so it is slightly too baggy for me but it doesn’t look bad.

It’s currently £16.99 but Femme Luxe always have voucher codes and promotions available to make it cheaper. It’s available in three sizes: S/M (8-10), M/L (10-12) and L/XL (12-14). I don’t actually like the term XL as I don’t agree that a size 14 should have the label ‘extra large’ but there we go.

The bottoms are very high waisted so you could wear them with with a little crop top or over a body suit. They also have pockets and the material is super soft and stretchy. Slightly thinner and lighter material than a tracksuit though so I wouldn’t call this a tracksuit it’s more of an indoor loungewear set. I would say I prefer a slightly smaller neck.

On the Femme Luxe website the colour looks more of a plum wine but in real life it’s definitely more of a red/burgundy colour as you can see in my photos. The only thing with the trousers is that you do have to pull them up quite a lot as if you don’t they will be too baggy on the bum area. But this won’t be a problem if you’re wearing the top and bottoms together as the top is long enough to cover them.

I would say this Wine Loungewear Set is more of a Spring/Summer loungewear set as the material is a bit thinner . The arms are nice and loose but not oversized, batwing or too baggy so you could wear a little top underneath it if you were cold. You can also mix and match both pieces.

Femme Luxe have a wide range of loungewear sets and they are all so different; some are more like tracksuits, some are more like pyjamas with oversize t-shirts, some have frills/ruffles, some have shorts and some have jumpers. There are lot’s of different materials to choose from and if you have any questions about any of the sets please message me on Instagram and I’ll be happy to help. Ciao for now x

Written by PetiteAvenue
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