I am a professional actor, make-up artist, face-painter, children’s entertainer and blogger from East London but originally from Lincolnshire. I adore adventure and nature as you will notice from most of my blog posts being outside. Being a country bumpkin I grew up as a tomboy and never really followed fashion as a teenager because nothing ever fitted. I watched my friends fill out bras and get nice curves, when all I seemed to get was nicknames about how thin I was; Twiglet was a personal favourite. It wasn’t until I hit my 20’s and went to Drama school that I realised we should all be happy with who we are and make the most of what we have got. I then found my own personal style and found a new love for fashion.

Being an actor is extremely fun; being pampered, preened, made up and dressed by others. But it isn’t always glitz and glam. Sometimes I have to do my own hair, wardrobe and make-up myself. This doesn’t always come cheap and finding clothes and costumes my size isn’t always easy. Therefore I need products that I can rely on that actually work, and a wardrobe I can actually afford. I know how hard it is finding clothes that fit and I would like to share my secrets of how to look great without spending a fortune. This is how my blog was born, Ill be providing you with affordable fashion for each season; high street and online, make-up reviews and creative hair styles to match.

All product reviews are positive which means my blog is a happy place only designed to help you. If you have any questions about a particular product or item please ask away, and if you ever feel down about being small remember..good things come in small packages 😉