As you know I am going Gluten free so the guys over at Bounce.com were kind enough to send me a box of their goodies to taste. I was very excited when it came in the post as I have never tried Bounce Balls before but I’ve often seen them advertised and I hear they are great. The box is great in itself and fits nicely into your handbag as it’s very compact and sturdy.

The six flavours they sent me were; Coconut & Macadamia, Almond, Cacao Mint, Coconut Lemon (New), Peanut and Spirulina & Ginseng (some flavours are even vegan too). The first flavour I tried was the brand new Coconut and Lemon flavour and wow was I impressed. Normally gluten free goodies don’t excite me as they are often very bland but these are bursting with flavour and have a lovely chewy texture. They’re very nourishing  so you only need one at a time to satisfy your appetite. Great for guys and gals who like to go to the gym and work out as most flavours including the Coconut & Lemon contain over nine grams of protein. Unlike other protein bars which can have a very chalky texture, these balls are yummy and I will definitely be buying them again to give me a little boost of energy before or after my workout.


Head over to www.bouncefoods.com now to read about them yourself or pop into your local Holland and Barrett store to stay happy and healthy 🙂

Written by PetiteAvenue
Petite Fashion Blogger