As you know I love animals and could never eat one; so it is a passion of mine to find meals that are moorish, tantalizing and tasty without harming anyone in the process. I actually used to eat meat as a teenager so the I first became vegetarian it was hard for me to give up the things I love, mainly KFC. But then I found out the chickens are only a few days old and are pumped full of steroids so I didn’t want to put that kind of thing into my body anymore; no wonder I had tummy aches :s

Lot’s of people say “how can you be veggy” but if you just do a bit of research you will realise that being vegetarian doesn’t mean you eat dinners any differently to anyone else. I still have spag bol, I still have hot dogs and believe it or not I still have KFC (see my vegetarian KFC blog post here). One thing I do love is a burger; especially on a BBQ so I thought I would share with you some of my faves.

The first one will surprise you; this is a pulled pork burger which surprisingly has a similar texture to actual pulled pork. Linda has done well here; these 1/4lb burgers are made with textured soya and wheat protein coated with a smoky flavour barbecue sauce and they are sooo juicy.

You do only get two in a box but I only have them every now and then as a treat when I fancy something different. They are quite cheap at around £2 a box and sometimes they come as a deal at Tesco where you can buy 3 selected Linda products for £5…bargain!


The texture is so soft and juicy and the great thing about them is that they are not dry like some veggie burgers out there, they actually have a nice slightly greasy feel. Another way of eating these burgers is to cook them and pull them apart and add them to a home made Chinese dish with some sweet and sour sauce. Who says you can’t have sweet and sour pork just because you are veggie?

The other day I chose to have mine with cooked mushrooms on top and cucumber on the side, it was delicious. These burgers have loads of protein too so they are great for a post gym workout meal.

My favourite sauce to have on top of the burger is a mixture of sweet chilli and mayonnaise; trust me it tastes amazing and really compliments the BBQ flavours. If you prefer you can have a sticky BBQ sauce with it too which goes really well when it is char-grilled.

Now if meat tasting/looking burgers are not your style, Linda McCartney also make a burger which is equally as juicy which is not a replica.

The mushroom and spinach burgers taste like exactly what it says on the box but they are nice and thick and still have that burger feel to them. They retail at around the same price and also come in a pack of two. These are definitely best when they are barbecued but for the colder nights try sprinkling on some seasoning and popping them under the grill instead.

Spinach is  really high in iron and protein so you are getting lots of goodness from these burgers as well as an amazing taste. I chose to have mine with lightly fried asparagus and Halloumi chicken nuggets. If you are not a fan of batter simply lightly fry some Halloumi on it’s own and pop it on top of your burger.

In my opinion a dollop of mayonnaise goes really well with this burger but obviously you could melt some mozzarella or cheddar cheese on top to give it some extra flavour.

To make my halloumi chicken nuggets (which btw you must try) I simply bought a cheap pack of batter mix and added one egg with some water. I then coated the Cypriot cheese in batter and deep fried them till they were golden brown; heaven!

I really hope you enjoy trying out some of these dishes and have fun with your own way of eating them 🙂

Written by PetiteAvenue
Petite Fashion Blogger