Hi guys I’m finally back with a foody review – this time a vegan restaurant which will also appeal to vegetarians and even meat eaters because the food is so delish. I am one of the fussiest eaters I know so for me to love every single thing I ordered is a big deal – I’m one of those people who normally has to send something back lol.

So here is my new favourite place to eat: The Oak Tree Restaurant in Leigh on Sea. I could happily eat here once a week and not get bored of the food.

We sat in the outdoor garden area which was beautiful and full of different plants, flowers and fairy lights. They even provide you with a little blanket if you get chilly when the suns not shining.

As you can see I dressed appropriately for the occasion 🙂 my friend bought me this t-shirt for my birthday a few days before so I thought it would be perfect – it’s from Primark.

So instead of ordering main meals we ordered a few different dishes from the starters menu. Mainly because most of the main meals we have tried are too spicy for us; that’s my only concern really, I would prefer a few more milder options on the main menu.

The first dish we ordered was the chicken wings – these are made of Seitan and have a slight chinese 5 spice taste to them. They come with a sweet chilly dip and are nice and succulent. Not sure what the fake bone is made from but it looks like a kind of bamboo or something.

The second item we ordered was Creamy mushrooms on toast – the creamy sauce is made from soya cream. It only came on one slice of sour dough which was a shame but they did pile u the mushrooms.

The next dish we ordered was the cauliflower poppers – deep fried large pieces of cauliflower with a bbq on top. The bbq sauce was incredible but also slightly spicy too so I’m seeing a theme here lol.

The last item we chose was the BLT which had seitan bacon inside. This has a similar texture to gammon but a bit chewier and is so yummy. Nice and salty bacon taste without the fat and gristle. Even the mayo is vegan!

They also do a breakfast and light bites menu as well a children’s menu which adults are also allowed to order so I think that there is something for everyone here.

They even gave us a compostable take-away box to take home our left over food so they are also available for take-aways too I’m guessing.

Overall we really enjoyed the food and the experience. Not only are the staff who work in there really friendly but they also checked to see if we had any allergies too.

We can’t wait to go back to the Oak Tree and encourage you to try it too 🙂 Enjoy!

Written by PetiteAvenue
Petite Fashion Blogger